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Sankofa Center for African Dance and Culture (SCADC) Volunteer Program

Sankofa Center for African dance and culture
This volunteer opportunity allows for engagement with communities in Ghana through HIV and AIDS education, drama, and dance. SCADC employs traditional African dance, music, and theater into performances to encourage education and dialogue to inform audiences about stigma, gender, and structural issues related to HIV and AIDS prevention. Volunteers will also facilitate educational seminars ("HIV/AIDS 101") to discuss proper condom use, the importance of HIV testing, and involve students in open discussions about HIV/AIDS.

The mission of The Sankofa Center for African Dance & Culture is to utilize traditional African dance, music, and drama to preventatively educate youths & adults about HIV/AIDS, and provide free counseling, rapid HIV/AIDS testing, & life-saving drugs for people living with HIV/AIDS. We strive to use the realms of the arts as a tool to foster open communication, accurate knowledge, and promote healthy behavior change to protect, empower, and bring togetherness to our human family in the face of this world-wide disease.

Countries.Ghana, United States

Deadline Date. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Application Information.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program and possess a valid passport at least two months prior to the start of the program. Applicants must also demonstrate prior interest in HIV and AIDS, international health, volunteerism, the arts, and the capacity to engage in collaborative work. Drama and dance for development experience within a health communication context and with respect to HIV and AIDS education is a plus. Access the application online by clicking here.

Email completed applications to: sankofa_center@yahoo.com

Program Dates for 2011
January 3rd - February 28th
March 1st - April 26th
May 3rd - June 28th
July 5rd - August 30th
September 2rd - October 28th
November 2nd

Ronnie Shaw
Sankofa Center for African Dance & Culture (SCADC)

P.O. Box 6581
Santa Ana CA
United States

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